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Dog Training

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At Leda-K9 we are all about dogs. Whether it’s training a new puppy, an adult dog or your dog that is challenging you.

About Leda-K9

We believe Responsible Pet ownership starts by the understanding and proper training of man’s best friend.

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Leda Blom

It is my goal to help you properly care for, socialize and train your dog in a positive, non-violent yet highly effective manner. If you're striving to raise and train a happy, healthy and well-adjusted dog, we have just the right program for you.

Leda Blom

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Our Services


In-Home Dog Training Minneapolis St Paul area.  Leda will come to your house and “custom design” a training package specifically for you and your dog’s needs.


Whether you're looking for a top notch lean mean retrieving machine for hunting, or a dog you can run in competitions, we pleasantly exceed all of your expectations. We take pride in spending extra time with our future clients and friends to insure us that the breeding you are looking at will fit into your home.


Leda thoroughly enjoys working with kids and dogs.  “Helping kids with their dogs is a very gratifying job.”  Every chance she gets to help with “youth” programs she does!


Training her dogs for Hunt Tests is one of Leda’s favorite past times.  She is an AKC MASTER Level Judge and enjoys Judging Hunt Test all over the country.


All of the Field Training is done by Leda-K9 is done through Labs Unlimited Kennels in Faribault MN.  Please Call Jerry @ 507-332-0403.  And let them know Leda-K9 sent you!


Leda parallels training puppies with children.  You will often hear her say “you don’t toss a book at a child and say READ IT”.  “You TEACH the child their ABC’s first.”  It’s important to TEACH what you want from the puppy before you can expect him/her to do it.”  We like to create a problem solving dog that looks to his/her owners for guidance.  A TEAM PLAYER.

Leda-K9 Services
"Not only is Leda one of nicest PEOPLE I've ever met, she does WONDERS when it comes to training pets!

Christopher Murphy Janke


About Leda-K9


About Us

Leda comes from a long line of dog trainers. She was born and raised in St. Cloud Minnesota in a family that had a true love for dogs. Growing up she spent most all of her free time helping her Mother and her Father training and raising canines including working with her mother in her grooming business. She’s had the opportunity to be around many breeds of dogs over the years and when asked about it Leda will say,

“I guess you could say K9’s are in my blood”.

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