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Who Are We?

Leda comes from a long line of dog trainers. She was born and raised in St. Cloud, Minnesota in a family that had a true love for dogs. Growing up she spent most all of her free time helping her Mother and her Father training and raising canines including working with her mother in her grooming business. She’s had the opportunity to be around many breeds of dogs over the years and when asked about it Leda will say,

“I guess you could say K9’s are in my blood”.

Leda has been working professionally with dogs since 1998 and has supplemented her hands-on experience with formal training in classes, seminars and workshops given by leaders in the field of dog training.  Leda comes to you with a strong belief that you can teach any dog to be a well-mannered companion and to respect the rules of your household, all by using a well-planned training schedule and positive reinforcement. She strives to improve the quality of the lives of both canines and humans alike. It is very important for her that the family succeeds in the training process.  She always says that;

“it’s not an option for you to fail training your dog”.  “If you fail then she has failed and THAT IS NOT an option.” 

She works with all ages and breeds of dogs, (and humans) but specializes in retrievers.  

While she’s off training her dogs she has a wonderful support team.  She is married and has a wonderful son. When she is not training her dogs she is very active with her family and hobby farm.

Leda’s a happy, outgoing and vibrant person and loves working with people and pets.

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